Architectural design
Our Process:

How to run a smooth project

Process Chart
3 Things We Like To Focus On

What makes a well built home

Structure begins with engineering. We are not looking for the minimum standard.
  • Larger footings lead to less settling and movement.
  • Stronger floor joists minimize floor deflections or bouncy floors.
  • Upgraded exterior sheathing and subfloors help create a strong long lasting building structure.
Air & Water Management
  • Using systems vs. mixing components. Consistency of WRB and its components to ensure the system
    is installed and working as designed.
  • Using a quality window product and installing them in coordination with the WRB and per mfgs
  • Minimizing air leaks at all penetrations.
  • Managing fresh air by using systems that allow in fresh air into the home on our terms.
  • Having extremely high expectations of our finish contractors.
  • Balancing excellent design with value approach, a well-designed home will look and feel more expensive than it costs.