Kansas City
The Edward Franklin Difference

Building for Yesterday,
Today and Tomorrow


We started Edward Franklin for a single reason – to inspire the next great chapter of iconic neighborhoods by fusing modern lifestyles together with classic architectural trends, up-to-date infrastructure, and quality design and construction. As a design+build firm, we believe in setting out with a vision, and then working with diligence and attention to detail to make that vision a reality. Every Edward Franklin property is made to tell a story - one that reflects the area, the people, and the spirit of the place, as well as the individuals who live, work, or visit there.

The Edward Franklin Building Company philosophy is to bring modern living to established neighborhoods by designing and building in harmony with the area. The concept isn’t to “replace” existing character or ambience, but rather “re-energize” it with new custom homes, remodels, and additions that add to the neighborhood aesthetic.


The inspiration for the unique Edward Franklin approach comes from its founding principles,Grant Baumgartner and Chris Ruhl, both of whom grew up in the Kansas City area and are long time first. Together, they named the company for Baumgartner’s grandfather, Edward Franklin Baumgartner, who moved to Kansas City in the WWII era, settled in Midtown, and became part of a community built with care, and loved by the people who called it home.

Today, Baumgartner and Ruhl continue that legacy, taking personal pride in working to celebrate and shape existing neighborhoods for new generations by creating timeless homes rooted in character and imagination. It is a nod to the original Edward Franklin, his neighborhood, and all the other classic neighborhoods throughout the area.

Since the company’s first project together in 2018, the firm has come to be known by local architects as the resource for modern and historically modern properties in distinctive destinations. Edward Franklin Building Company has also worked with nationally renowned architectural firms and designers, and continues to collaborate on historically modern renovations and re-builds throughout the downtown Kansas City area.

Managing Partner

“There is so much energy in the greater Kansas City marketplace, our goal is to capture that vibe and infuse it into each of our homes, whether that be historically inspired, fully modern, or something in between. We know that thoughtfully designed spaces with distinct character and charm never go out of style, and metropolitan living can, and should, reflect that mindset. We want to build and create homes that are apart of the neighborhood fabric in the places we work, by infusing the character and personality already existing in these areas.

Managing Partner

“We love hanging out in KC’s old neighborhoods, experiencing the feeling of homes from 100 years ago and seeing the way modern life unfolds in them today. By bringing that spirit to life through quality detail-oriented homes, our aim is to preserve that character for years to come.”